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A Responsibility to the CLIENT!

“We demonstrate to the medical community that we are specialists in helping them get their money collected from patients who haven’t paid. With the new healthcare law it’s even more important today than it ever has been. We have a responsibility to the client to be leaders in the industry, so it’s our responsibility to find lower cost methods to do billing and collection and find better ways to operate.” (Read more)

Keith Lilek, CEO

Thinking Differently

At ARA, everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we do this is by first thinking of the patient as a consumer and not just a patient. Expectations are for consumers to pay their bills, but at times this gets lost in the medical community who all too often get paid last if at all. Medical providers need to change the way they follow up with patients.

End-to-End Solution

Here’s how we can help. We put together all the correct components and built the most formidable A/R process on the market today. We link and automate all points of the A/R cycle to enforce the right process and say the right things to customers at the right time, all the time ! Let us Turn Every Patient into a paying Patient with COLLECTPlus.

New Medical Billing

We have now applied that same philosophy to medical billing with CLAIMCollect. Every claim should be paid, and it’s the process used that typically fails. CLAIMCollect is always up-to-date with changing government regulations, payer policies, and patient payment models.

New Revenue Cycle Management

We have a proven track record for bringing in the cash. COLLECTPlus is the most successful model for private-pay billing & collections. It works better because the methodology is sound. We’ve taken that same approach and applied it to medical billing, creating CLAIMCollect. This combination offers the best possible revenue cycle management in the industry today.

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Let us improve your collections with our innovative, HIPAA compliant, private-pay billing and collections system that helps providers recover more money with less time and effort.

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Managing reimbursement efficiently is no easy task and requires your attention. CLAIMCollect helps you maximize revenue and productivity while reducing A/R days and write-offs.

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A comprehensive payment, billing and collection system that helps you proactively reach out to all patients owing a balance without losing valuable time you could use running your organization.

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An automated communications system (including phone calls, text messages and emails) that acts as an extension of your internal communications efforts at a fraction of the cost.

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Relying solely on mailed payments to collect private pay dollars is slow and inefficient. Allowing patients to pay in the most convenient, efficient way possible can improve your bottom line now.

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Forwarding incoming customer calls to our professional, trained representatives, who can answer most routine account inquiries is a very cost effective solution.

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What our Client's Say

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    I like it because I trust it. It’s one less thing I don’t need to worry about daily simply because I know it does what I expect it to do. I also like the customer service. When I have any issue, which is rare, my issue is resolved immediately and consistently. Again, I trust the service because I trust the account reps as well as the IT personnel. I’ve dealt with both.

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    ARA has made collecting
    co-pays and co-insurance
    a breeze! Fabulous staff
    and effective workflow!

  • ARA helps us to retrieve
    a lot of money with
    their automated phone calls
    & paper reminders. It is a great tool.